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Our reports give insights into:


  • Value drivers defining connection between a client and its customers;
  • Essential features of a product/service as perceived by customers;
  • Communication effectiveness with regards to what customers value the most;
  • Pricing reflecting a customer’s highest willingness to purchase.

More examples of insights we retrieve from the market


  • The factors affecting customer’s perception;
  • Driving forces that play a crucial role in the transaction process;
  • Features of a product/service that are particularly valued by a buyer;
  • Exact price walls that need to be respected to optimize strategy for Premium vs Volume product/service;
  • Other features that are perceived as value raising when communicating with the market;
  • Criteria for diversifying products/services towards the market.

That group is helping parents take advantage of a new state parent trigger law that gives them unprecedented power to turn around their own failing schools